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Berlin, Germany

Jennifer-Naomi Hofmann

Freelance creative writer, editor, and translator.



coffee with a conscience

We’re mammals. Mammals congregate. Not too long ago, we were plucking lice from our friend’s fur or sweating together in ritual lodges. We shared mammoth meat in our communal caves and had the entire village watch us consummate our marriages. Times have changed and we cherish our new-fangled independence (and private honeymoons), but just because we’ve stopped hanging from trees doesn’t mean we’ve stopped “hanging” altogether.

william forsythe’s “white bouncy castle” at schöneberg’s lokhalle

Perhaps our parents were plotting to kill us all along. How else could we explain the fact that many of our most beloved children’s games were as fun as they were potentially lethal? Thinking back, it’s a bit of a miracle any of us survived those piñata games, trampoline flips, and Slip ‘n Slide runs without breaking our little, fragile necks.

Michael Hecken, Freunde von Freunden

Everybody has ideas. Only few people have what it takes to transform them into reality. Whatever that certain something is, Michael Hecken – founder of Berlin’s “Grace” e-bike enterprise – has got it. With a relentless entrepreneurial spirit, perseverance, and a pinch of madness, Hecken managed to turn his loose idea into something that may very well change the face of future transportation.

gone, but not forgotten

Letting go is not the most developed human talent. Mementos, both physical and mental, make us inadvertent collectors of our own biography. They’re reminders of who we are, and who we aren’t – of who we could and should have been. Our collective memory as a society demands monuments, museums and memorials, shrines to keep our history and heroes alive and well.


Generations of chain-smoking writers, skinny-jeaned bloggers and people with guitars have howled on about the subject. Why do we love when all heavenly odds seem to be working against us? Why do we love after the other has disappointed us? Heck, why do we even love at all? During 5½ hours worth of tea, Erika Eiffel and I attempted to answer the unanswerable.

exhibition of ddr-era design objects

Money, fickle friend, we’re through. I talked to a specialist and she thinks we should take a break; said we’re in a co-dependent relationship. Reminds me of all the time spent chasing after you and you were nowhere to be found, probably wooing some Rolexed wimp with a Monte Carlo tan. I don’t need you.

let it brie

A world without cheese would be like…a world without cheese. Let’s give it up for No. 2 on the food pyramid and settle this silly dispute once and for all: everything’s better with cheese. Go cheese. Cheese making is a competitive sport. All time winner: France. As of April, Prenzlauer Berg is home to the city’s only French cheese specialty shop, La Käserie.

into the unknown

A smart artist self-promotes. A brilliant one won’t even have to show their face. Tonight, one of the music world’s most prolific, weird, and, to this date, entirely anonymous avant-garde performance troupes The Residents will take to Kino Babylon’s stage for the Berlin-leg of their ongoing 40th anniversary “Wonder of Weird” performance tour.

the 1,000th issue of sugarhigh

One thousand issues later and we’re still in one piece. Fact is, we don’t have all the answers and maybe, just maybe, we’ve resorted to talking about the weather one too many times. But after 1,000 days of dissecting this wonderful city–its advantages, its conflicts, its paradoxical ability to protest underpaid workforces and gentrification at the very same time–we’re as convinced as ever that it always has been and always will be a privilege to call Berlin home.


Jennifer-Naomi Hofmann